The "Stuff and Nonsense" cover features a woman in a long coat and hat on which aviator goggles rest. She carries an armful of interesting items, including a messenger bag, statue, and coiled map. Professor Elemental, a man with a long face wearing khaki adventuring gear and a scowl, peers out at her from around a corner.Stuff and Nonsense is a game of low adventure, featuring a cadre of would-be explorers who never actually leave home. You’ll wander the outskirts of London, collecting evidence of your imaginary journey, then return to the Adventurer’s Club to spin your web of lies. But beware of Professor Elemental; he was the first one to think of this, and he’s not at all impressed!

Players: 2-6 // Age: 12+ // Time: 40 minutes // Price: $25 // Rules


In Stuff and Nonsense, players move around the board collecting different items such as photographs, artifacts, and specimens. When a player has enough items to support a tale of their fantastic fake journeys, they return to the Adventurer’s Club and turn in their cards, earning points. Meanwhile, Professor Elemental moves around the board, doing his darndest to stop players by stealing cards and points. The first player to reach a point value determined by the number of players wins!