The Veritas Cover features a black-and-white depiction of older man in a monk's robe holding a cup of ink and brush. He appears to be working on an old-style Medieval illuminated book.It is the Dark Ages, and you are the Truth. Or at least, some version of the Truth. Your goal is to stay alive, and it’s not easy. You start out in just two books, in a single monastery, somewhere in France. Over time, you will be copied and spread across the land.

Your enemies include the other Truths, who are also struggling to stay alive.

And also fire. Nobody likes fire.

To win, you must be crafty, wise, and lucky. All the things that keep the Truth alive.

Players: 3-6 // Age: 12+ // Time: 60 minutes // Price: $10 // Rules


Veritas is a Euro-style board game about the preservation of truth in Dark Ages France. Each player represents some “truth” that’s trying to be preserved for posterity by diligent book-copying monks. Players place and copy book tokens in monasteries, then pick up stacks of books and spread them around France.

Each turn, a monastery will burn down, and the books in it may be destroyed. After the monasteries have burned down, players can move through them, so travel on the board gets faster as the game progresses. When scoring chips are drawn, each player whose ideology dominates a region scores points. The first player to score 100 points wins, becoming the dominant truth as the Dark Ages end.