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EBENEZER LUCKYebenezerlucky

Even Doctor Lucky is getting into the spirit of things! Check out this month’s Game Trade Magazine for a special Ebenezer Lucky promo card, just in time for the holidays!

Look for the 19.5th Anniversary Edition of KILL DOCTOR LUCKY as well as GET LUCKY at your friendly local game store for some good-humored, homicidal fun.



preliminarytakWe know you’re excited for Tak; we are, too! If you’d like a copy as soon as possible without having to pay shipping, you can check with your friendly local game store to see when they’ll accept pre-orders. If you’re cool with shipping charges, you can also pre-order Tak and various “Takcessories” via The Tinker’s Packs, an online store benefiting the Patrick Rothfuss-founded Worldbuilders charity. Tak will be available in February 2017.